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Student: Trump’s Latest Sexism ‘Will Not Go Unchecked’

Photo Courtesy of Jamelle Bouie, Flickr Creative Commons Last week Donald Trump managed to shift the national conversation from the three coordinated bombings that occurred in Belgium to the War on Women. Besides the fact that the world was still feeling the effects of the ISIS attacks in Brussels, Trump […]

Student: Planned Parenthood Defunding Efforts Go Against Public Good

Photo courtesy of the Office of Ohio Governor John R Kasich, Wikipedia The controversy around Planned Parenthood has recently brought the issue of abortion back into the news, and it seems like the right time to take a hard look at public opinion polling. Recently, governor and presidential nominee John Kasich […]

Showing Off Beards is a Form of ‘Male Peacocking’

Photo courtesy of Francesco Lodolo, Flickr After scrolling through my Instagram feed this past weekend, I noticed a follow request from a peculiar account: “BEARDEDBADBOYS_NEWJERSEY.” This Instagram page showcased images of grown men exhibiting their beards, as well as memes stressing the power of the beard, especially in regards to […]

Double Standards Hurt Women’s Leadership in Politics

Photo courtesy of United States Department of State Last week’s “SNL” spoof of the Democratic debate featuring Bernie Sanders (Larry David), Jim Webb (Alec Baldwin) and Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), has been the talk of all things political in social media. And while there was much to admire about the […]

Plus-size Modeling Leads Body Positive Campaign

Photo courtesy of Mount1313, Wikimedia The recent spark ignited by criticism of plus-sized-model-turned-chef Robyn Lawley, who graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated’s “Plus Size” issue, has created a domino effect in the plus-sized community, since speculators claimed that the size 12 model was not “big” enough to be considered plus […]

Student: Women Still Struggle for Equality

Photo courtesy of AIGA While women are still fighting for equal pay and breaking out of sexist gender constructs, the right to be seen as human is not entirely in a woman’s possession. Men have male privilege and the right to live up to male stereotypes such as being loud, assertive, […]