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LGBTQ+ panel discusses inclusion in the workplace

The Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services teamed up with the Cahill Career Development Center to host the LGBTQIA+ Inclusion in the Workplace: Representation Matters panel on Tuesday. Executive Director of the New Jersey Pride Chamber of Commerce Gus Penaranda moderated the panel. Throughout the discussion, Penaranda remarked on what to […]

Clued-In tells stories of forgotten feminists

The feminist movement is alive and well, but it has undergone changes since the conception of the first wave. Genesis Siverio, the student women’s outreach coordinator for Ramapo’s Women’s Center & LGBTQ+ Services, held “Clued-In: Telling Women’s Stories” to bring attention to the lesser-known women of color who acted as […]

Female entrepreneurs offer their wares at Ramapo

In the current world of fighting for sustainable and ethical consumerism, supporting small businesses has become increasingly more popular and accessible. Part of shopping from small businesses includes being aware of the people behind the products. Ramapo’s Women’s Center and LGBTQ+ Services believes supporting and empowering local women-identified businesses is […]