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Women’s Center hosts talk on abortion access

Photo courtesy of Lunar Caustic, Flickr On Wednesday evening, the Women’s Center sponsored a “When People Can’t Have Abortions” discussion covering the lack of abortion access across the nation. Nat Dahl, the Women’s Outreach Coordinator opened the discussion by introducing Dr. Amanda Roberti who presented a “My Choice Series” PowerPoint […]

Herstory month creates platform to get involved

Photo by Hope Patti Women have played an integral role in shaping history, but many of their contributions go unnoticed. From history textbooks that often represent a white male’s narrative, to the lack of diversity seen throughout the country’s presidents, the United States has not always fostered inclusivity. While the […]

Ramapo men share experience with No Shave November

Photo courtesy of Nov Ty Konzak, Flickr During the month of November, the Women’s Center sponsored “No Shave November” in order to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate cancer. On Thursday in the Alumni Lounges, men’s outreach coordinator Adam Choinski, presented the closing for No Shave November. Five Ramapo […]

Professors discuss future of women’s studies minor

The women’s and gender studies minor is a valuable asset for students looking to gain an insight of the implications gender has had and continues to have on society. The field of women’s and gender studies, though, is perpetually growing. Its progressive nature, therefore, has led conveners of the minor […]

Students discuss experiences with invisible disabilities

Photo courtesy of Project Eye-To-Eye, Wikipedia The Women’s Center held a discussion panel on invisible disabilities on Wednesday. The panel was made up of four Ramapo College students who were willing to share their personal experiences with invisible disabilities in order to raise awareness, educate and advocate for those with […]

Pridefest brings students out to celebrate LGBTQ+

Photo by Erica Meline National Coming Out Day is a time to celebrate and support Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning and other identities, or the LGBTQ+ community, as well as raise awareness about the specific problems these groups face. To celebrate National Coming Out Day on Oct. 11, Ramapo hosted […]

Women’s Center hosts a variety of support groups

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College, Flickr October is National Disability Awareness Month and Queer and Trans History Month – observances that fill Ramapo’s campus with informative and exciting events over the course of the month. The Women’s Center hosts several discussion groups for students in different communities to have a […]