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Lockdowns are only to be enforced as a last resort

Photo courtesy of NeONBRAND, Unsplash This week the World Health Organization, or WHO, urged world leaders to stop using lockdowns as their primary means of protection due to their detrimental effects on society and the economy.  WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr. David Nabarro, spoke in an interview with SpectatorTV […]

Coronavirus is spreading faster than anticipated

Photo courtesy of 57 Andrew, Flickr Talk of the new coronavirus has spread faster than the virus itself. It has taken over the news and is mentioned daily in conversations. It is a contagious illness spreading very quickly among people.  Currently, over 40,000 people have been diagnosed and roughly 900 […]

Mandated vaccinations should be legally enforced

Photo courtesy of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Wikipedia In a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the second largest outbreak of measles since 2000 was confirmed. The number of outbreaks of diseases has been steadily increasing over the last few years, as the anti-vaccination […]