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Creator Clash brings entertainers into the ring

Are you ready to rumble?! Creator Clash has returned this week for its second annual event filled with internet personalities and influencers ready to go the distance for a good cause! Created back in 2022 by Youtube personality IDubbbz (Ian Carter) and his spouse Anisa Jomha, Creator Clash is an […]

YouTube is completely missing the point by hiding dislikes

Photo Courtesy of Christian Wiediger, Unsplash YouTube released a statement notifying users of the company’s decision to hide dislike counts from videos on Nov. 10. The new guideline comes after complaints surrounding online harassment were made by small creators who are more prone to “dislike mobs,” according to the Google-owned […]

True crime: Intriguing hobby or active hazard?

Photo courtesy of Brandon Anderson, Flickr For the past few years, true crime has become a popular trend in modern media. Podcasts, Netflix and YouTube are just some of the hot spots for true crime content. Bailey Sarian, popular for her “Murder Mystery and Makeup Mondays” series, has 5.65 million […]

Lia Marie Johnson turns to Instagram for help

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Television, Flickr Lia Marie Johnson, known for her bubbly personality on the Emmy-winning show “Kids React,” has been going on troubling live streams on Instagram. Her live streams will last up until eight hours at a time.  Johnson has been performing since she was a child, but […]

Makeup gurus on YouTube are inspiring new trends

Photo courtesy of Glenn Francis, Wikipedia Makeup trends are everywhere and anywhere this year. YouTubers and influencers are constantly posting makeup tutorials and looks that shape the way the viewers at home express themselves through the art of makeup. We want to have flawless makeup looks and we want to […]

Social media reflects mental health and fake news

Photo courtesy of Tracy LeBlanc, Pexels Growing up in the age of social media and the internet has conditioned an entire generation to become accustomed to, even welcome, the altered performance of reality brought to us by various content curators. YouTube, for example, has become a global force known more […]

Viral Youtuber delivers unique album

Photo courtesy of Universal Music Group Geffen Records, Wikipedia Viral YouTube personality Poppy just dropped her first full-length studio album, “Poppy.Computer.” The album’s release marks six years since the launch of her YouTube channel. Since then she has come a long way, winning Breakthrough Artist at the 2017 Streamy Awards […]

People Will Flock to Online Video Game Careers

Icon courtesy of Wikipedia In recent years, video games have become a more integrated part of our cable television line-up with E-Sports League (ESL) being shown on major cable networks like TBS and ESPN. Games like “Counter-Strike GO” and “League of Legends” have begun to take over primetime television and […]