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Youtube Should Not Hide LGBTQ Related Videos

Icon courtesy of YoutubeRedSoul300, Flickr For years, YouTube has always been a creative outlet that people can go to to produce original content in new and honest ways. The variety of content that is offered by the social media site attracts many people to make and view videos covering a […]

Social Media a ‘Valid Career Option’ for Web Celebrities

Photo Courtesy of Jason Howie, Flickr Creative Commons In the last few years, the use of social media has grown immensely thanks to websites like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and video sites like YouTube and Vine. For most people, these services are used for personal enjoyment, but for others, these […]

Facebook Unveils Alternatives to ‘Like’ Button

Photo courtesy of Facebook Facebook has decided to launch six different emojis that will go alongside of the like button to better express the user’s feelings toward a post. This new set of emojis includes “Love,” “Haha,” “Yay,” “Wow,” “Sad” and “Angry.” Rumors had swirled that Facebook would be introducing […]

Grace Helbig to Speak at 2015 Commencement

Photo Courtesy of Grace Helbig, Wikipedia The College has announced that this year's graduation commencement speaker will be comedian, actress, author, TV correspondent and YouTube personality Grace Helbig, who is also an alumna of the school. Thus far, this announcement has been met with a mostly positive response by students […]

YouTube Introduces Paid Music Subscription

Photo Courtesy of YouTube Recently, YouTube has teamed up with Google to offer a new paid music subscription service which allows users to stream music ad-free without an Internet connection. The new YouTube Music Key service is set to cost $9.99 when released to the public. According to billboard.com, “mobile […]

Sarah Silverman Wage Gap Video Falls Flat on Intersectionality

Two weeks ago, Sarah Silverman released a Youtube video discussing the gender wage gap. It received mixed reviews from social justice advocates. The video, “Sarah Silverman Closes the Gap,” depicts Silverman going to a hospital and getting sex reassignment surgery to “become a dude” to make more money. The video […]