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Mother-daughter duo preach self-love on ‘Emergency Call’

A bond between a mother and a daughter is like no other — especially for the Pulitanos. “Emergency Call,” a podcast hosted by American Youtube star Amanda Pulitano and her beloved mother Michelle Pulitano, showcases the life line, best friend, mother-daughter relationship everyone desires.  Released every Thursday, each 48-50 minute […]

New Poppy album is equally fresh and intense

Photo courtesy fo Justin Higuchi, Flickr Goodbye, synthy bubblegum pop. Hello, eardrum-bursting guitar-screeching grunge. The genre-hopping Poppy is taking us on a tour of yet another version of herself in 2021’s “Flux.” “Flux” is the fourth studio album to be released by Poppy. The eclectic, seemingly shape-shifting musician got her […]