Ramapo Offers Self-defense Course for Women

Photo Courtesy of Giancarlo Sepulveda

Wednesday evening, Ramapo held its second Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) course for women in the Alumni Lounges. Lead by Public Safety Officer and Campus Outreach Officer Will Holmes, the course serves as a part of Ramapo’s efforts to increase campus safety.

“We found out that the upperclassmen are not getting enough information as the freshmen and everyone else is, so we’re trying to make sure they get the information, also. But, I think as long as everyone gets the information, it will benefit us and the Ramapo community greatly,” Holmes said.

According to the R.A.D. system website, the basic physical defense course is the cornerstone of the program, providing participants with lectures, discussions and self-defense techniques through a rounded approach. Ramapo is currently only offering the the course female students.

“This being a female only class is the best idea because you don’t want to show a potential aggressor the moves on how the women are going to defend themselves,” Holmes said. “Also, a lot of women have never struck somebody, so for them to do it in an environment which is all females – they feel comfortable and to have a guy here could throw them off. That could make them feel uncomfortable. The biggest one is that you don’t want to show a potential aggressor defensive moves so they know what to look for.”

Wednesday evening’s class focused mostly on the self-defense portion, beginning with a warm-up for the physical activity. The previous class was a more lecture-oriented class, while the third, which will be held on Sept. 23, will review the material from the first two classes.

“This hits home for me. I do know someone who’s been sexually assaulted, but I also work for the Newark Police Department so coming from a law enforcement point of view, I’ve heard stories of scary situations so I feel that this class is definitely needed,” Holmes said.