Ramapo Removes Temporary Trailers

Photo by Nicole Williams

With students beginning their fall classes in the newly completed Adler Center for Nursing Excellence, the temporary trailers are no longer a necessity. On Sept. 8 the process to remove these trailers from campus began.

“The College has arranged for the removal off campus of the temporary office trailer compound west of the Trustee Pavilion,” said the announcement sent out to students from the College.

“I had a class in the trailers for environmental science, and there was once a time where we almost didn’t have class because the room was too cold. While they were built fairly well and did what they were supposed to do, I’m glad that the renovations and new construction is finally complete so the trailers can be closed,” Melissa Aiello, a junior, said.

According to an email from the College, this process involves taking apart each of the nine trailers and transporting them to a nearby parking lot. This should take approximately three weeks to complete.

"They were necessary in order to build up new sections of the College, but now that we have access to more comfortable classrooms, I'm glad we are phasing them out," junior Monica Lucianna said.

Although many students are happy to see the trailers removed, this does mean that parking will be restricted for the next few weeks. The College’s email explained that parking would not be permitted in the Pavilion lot or in the 25 reserved spaces in the Mackin and Bischoff Hall parking lots during this process.

“It’s better to have classes in actual classrooms, not just little trailers,” Lauren Brown, a sophomore, said.