Ramapo Athletics Implements Live Video Broadcasting

Photo by Brandon Herrera

Beginning this year, Ramapo athletic spectators will have the ability to watch a live video stream of their favorite sporting events on campus from the comfort of their dorms. The new live stream, called by juniors Ryan Morik and Scott Thompson, has become available on the Ramapo Athletics website.

“This venture was a combination of ideas from a number of areas. Looking at our NJAC competitors and other Division III schools, we wanted to be able to have the same type of coverage for our teams,” Harold Crocker, director of athletics, said.

Joining a list neighboring schools such as Stockton University and Kean University, Ramapo is allowing for more detailed coverage of games.

“As sports guys, Ryan and I know the added suspense and emotion that a live broadcast brings to a game,” Thompson said. “For this particular live stream, it adds the aspect of knowledge not known to the viewers, like season stats for players, while giving family and friends an outlet to watch their Roadrunners in action when they cannot visit campus. What viewers have seen is only the tip of the iceberg. We are devoted 100 percent in delivering a professional, fun broadcast to all, so we fix the kinks and get everything running smoothly, I have no doubt this live stream will be a staple for Ramapo College Athletics.”

The live video stream is not just limited to students on campus; anyone can access the live stream, no matter where they are, even at home.

“We believe that it offers the opportunity for students, faculty, staff, players’ families to see our teams play home games when they are unable to attend in person,” Crocker said.

He also noted that a live stream could be beneficial for, not just fans at home, but perspective students as well.

“It is also an opportunity for recruits who may be interested in Ramapo to see us, especially if they don't live locally. It is definitely a plus for us to live stream,” Crocker said.

Morik, who has already co-hosted 24 games along with Thompson, attested to the feature’s success.  

“I think it adds a lot of attention and popularity to the school. We get comments from the players all the time about their friends watching the games at home, parents have reached out to us, and it's a great feeling knowing that people watch us. Not only did Scott and I want to do this for our sake to become better sports broadcasters, but we wanted to bring attention to Ramapo and the sports, and I think we've done that pretty well,” Morik said.

Before the stream could become available to viewers, the department had to account for the necessary equipment and work with Sidearm, the web hosting company utilized, to get the stream up and running.   

“With any new venture, there are going to be obstacles. Making sure equipment stayed in budget and being able to make the software work effectively were just some of these obstacles. However, the athletic department is devoted to making this project a success, and with their guidance, Ryan and I have been running things smoothly for now,” Thompson said.

With the initial obstacles surpassed, the stream has been successfully up and running since November.

“We couldn't be happier,” Morik said. “This was my goal when I first came to Ramapo, and it has been a lot of fun.”