Video Game Sequels in Vogue

Photo Courtesy of Naughty Dog

Several major video games are set to be released this spring, making the season an important one for gamers and technology aficionados. In the months following the holiday season, the market is saturated with new video games, as the gaming industry attempts to persuade customers to continue to buy products.

Rapper Kanye West appears to be making a foray into the video game industry, introducing, along with his new album, a video game entitled “Only One.” West, whose new album – “The Life of Pablo” – was released Feb. 14, also introduced his new video game and describes the project as “my mom traveling through the gates of heaven.”

A trailer for the video game was also presented at a performance for his new clothing line. West can seemingly do anything, and he has already exclaimed he is very proud of the project, and hopes that people will appreciate the work that will go into it. A release date for the video game is yet to be announced, but judging from West's enthusiasm, “Only One” certainly should be on the radar of gamers.

A more well-known video game series is also gearing up for another installment. The Uncharted series, whose developer, Naughty Dog, released a trailer for “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End” on Wednesday, is already a critical and popular success, cumulatively selling more than 20 million copies and winning numerous industry awards. Their latest game has already wowed critics as visually superior to its predecessors and is being lauded as one of this year's most anticipated games. The game continues the story of the main protagonist, treasure hunter Nathan Drake, and his quest to not only help his older brother, but expose a conspiracy behind a legendary treasure. Uncharted 4 is slated for release on April 26 of this year and is available only on the PlayStation 4. 

Another familiar series putting out a new title is Tom Clancy. Best known for its Rainbow Six series of games, Tom Clancy will be releasing The Division, which deviates from its first-person shooter style and instead allows gamers to play from a third-person perspective in an open world, online setting. Players can operate story missions or side missions in a decimated New York City, or play online in the game’s Dark Zone, which is based on Manhattan and features both computer-controlled enemies, as well as other players online. The greatest asset to this game mode is that, as opposed to the game divvying up players to two sides, the players choose who they kill and who they keep alive, allowing bonds to be formed and broken amongst players. Each enemy that is killed can also be looted and their stash airlifted out for safekeeping. While the game inherits traditional Tom Clancy military action, the gameplay and style is a deviation from past first-person shooters, and offers a different style shooter to next gen gamers. The game is set for release on March 8.