CPB gives students a spa night retreat from studies

Photo courtesy of Unique Hotels, Flickr

Throughout the event, calming music was played to compliment the vibe of relaxation. Mood lighting was also used, as some lights in the space were turned off to provide a dim but peaceful aura. The coffee bar was lit up by a soft, blue glow, which is a color well known for its soothing quality.

One of the hits of the night was the coffee bar, as many students lined up to enjoy the refreshments.

While it was overall a relaxing environment, people still had an air of fun about them, casually chatting and enjoying their time together. Eventually, the quiet air turned into a cheerful murmur of conversation.

“I appreciate events like this on campus,” said Julie Dubij, a freshman. “College students are extremely stressed during this time of year, and it’s nice that the College is recognizing this. I think it should spend more money on events like this.”

Along with this, many students noted their favorite events of the night.

“Definitely the coloring,” said Ali Lachgar, a junior, as he worked coloring in a giraffe. Something Lachgar felt important to note was “the real sense of community we have here, as the CPB events are always fun.”

Freshman Christian Cifuentes enjoyed the relaxing music, and thought “the massaging beds were especially nice alongside the tea and coffee because I felt spoiled in this time of stress.”

As the night continued on, the flow of people increased, especially by the coffee bar. Tea seemed to be a favorite among the crowd, as tea is well known for its de-stressing qualities.

“It’s fun – I like the coloring and the tea, I think they’re nice touches,” said Denean Ritchie, a sophomore. “A poster inspired us as we left another event to come here.”

Some students waited on line for a personal masseuse to relieve some tension in their bodies, and seemed well worth the wait, as students left seeming much more relaxed.

Watching as people enjoyed themselves and took time out of their night to treat themselves was a stress reliever in itself, as the crowd seemed to become more carefree throughout the evening.

People who had never met before, sat or stood together in groups, bonding over commonalities such as the end of the semester, the stress of finals and excitement to go home for break and see family.

The night seemed to be an overall success, leaving students to return to their studies recharged and ready to ace their finals.