Anticipation builds for “Final Fantasy 7” HD remake

Photo courtesy of Tetsuya Nomura, Twitter

“Final Fantasy,” a game that almost all gamers and even many non-gamers have heard of. This game series is massive, with tons of games under its belt. Many of the games in the series are considered to be some of the best of all time.

After “Final Fantasy 15” was released in 2016, a whopping ten years after it was announced, most of the “Final Fantasy” community didn’t expect any new games to be released in the near future. However, During the 2015 E3 event, Sony revealed a trailer showing the start of “The Final Fantasy 7” remake and to the shock of fans worldwide.

In 2017 they showcased “Final Fantasy” 30th anniversary event. Tetsuya Nomura was revealed to be the games’ director which is exciting since he was involved in the original game and was involved with the most recent successful installment in the series, “Final Fantasy 15.”

“Final Fantasy 7” is considered one of the best “Final Fantasy” games in the series with a massive story as well as lifelike 3-dimensional characters that added an element of realism to the series. With the remake on the horizon, everyone wants to know when the game will come out and what changes will be made.

One of the biggest differences that most fans of the original game will notice is the difference in combat style. During the reveal of the remake, a trailer for the game was released which provided fans with new information on the game and the trailer showcased some gameplay for the upcoming game.

In that gameplay, it showed that the remake will change the combat system from a turn-based style to a more real-time battle system. From what the trailer shows it looks a lot like the critically-acclaimed “Kingdom Hearts” games, where fights are similarly performed in real time like “Final Fantasy’s” last game “Final Fantasy 15.”

The game will allow you to switch between the various characters to use during battle allowing you to change your combat style.

Another difference that fans will most likely be happy about is its character designs. The recent trailer revealed the fresh look for all of the main characters, however, since then there was a new development with the character designs.

During the “Final Fantasy Farewell” stories, the development team revealed that they changed the designs for the characters since the trailer. They also noted that the popular character, Cloud, is going to be made to similar to his model in the movie “Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.”

Another piece of information from game-developer Yoshinori Kitase was that the story will not be released as a full game and instead will be split into multiple disks to be sold at separate times.

Kitase said “Producing a proper HD remake of “Final Fantasy 7” that maintains the same feeling of density of the original would result in a volume of content that couldn’t possibly fit into one installment.”

With this information many of the gaming community have theorized that it will be released in a three-part series but there has been no confirmation on the exact number of parts as of yet; due to this information fans should at least be happy that the story of the game will either stay the same or slightly expand.

While much of this information has been released to fans of the game, the release date of the game remains a mystery. There’s been little to not information of when it will be released, but many guess that the release date thought to be in late 2018 will be moved to early 2019.