Ariana Grande announces album release and new acting role

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Neilson, Flickr


Even after releasing her latest three albums “Sweetener,” “thank u, next” and “k bye for now (swt live)”  as well as chart-topping singles such as “boyfriend,” “Stuck with U” and “Rain on Me” all in a two year timeframe, Ariana Grande still has plenty in store. 

On Oct. 14, Grande went on Twitter to make two big announcements. The vocalist’s tweet,I can’t wait to give you my album this month,” instantly blew up and fans celebrated the news. The second announcement was her role on her upcoming movie “Don’t Look Up.” 

After her album announcement, a powerful instrumental was immediately released. This led fans to refer to earlier this year when another snippet of an unreleased Grande song was leaked. Many referred to this song clip as Nastywhich gave fans a hint that new music was soon to come. Twitter user @arianactrl tweeted Grande asking, SO WE GETTING NASTY?In response, Grande liked the tweet, which can be considered as a yes.

With the “Nasty” snippet, we were provided surprisingly explicit lyrics. This is enticing, as we will hear a side of Grande we have never experienced before.

It is also rumored that pop Doja Cat may have an appearance on the singer’s album. During an interview with Apple Music from five months ago, she spoke on her collab with Doja Cat.

“I love her,” Grande said. “I was able to work with her earlier this year on this song I want to save for whenever it’s time again to drop. But I love her so much. I love her personality; I love what she brings to the table musically and she’s just a breath of fresh air.” 

On Saturday, Grande provided more details about this upcoming music surprise. “Positions,” her seventh studio album, is set to be released on Oct. 30 with the title track and debut single available next Friday, Oct. 23.

Regarding Don’t Look Up,its script was written by Adam McKay and is set to have an all-star cast. The cast features Ariana Grande as well as Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Rob Morgan, Matthew Perry, Tomer Sisely and Himesh Patel. The upcoming comedy will focus Lawrence’s character as a low-level astronomer who discovers a giant asteroid is heading towards earth and will destroy it. The scientist travels to spread word of the situation but, no one believes them. The movie is set to start production Nov. 14, and it will be released on Netflix.

It will be very interesting to see Grande act again. Her only post-Nickelodeon acting credits include “Scream Queens,” “Hairspray Live!” and “Kidding.”

With this new era, it is very clear that Arianators will be fed lots of content. Fans are all incredibly excited to hear the singer’s next anticipated masterpiece and enjoy the treat of watching her in a full-length feature film. 

In her song “successful” from her album “Sweetener” she sings, “It feels so good to be so young  / And have this fun and be successful, yeah / I’m so successful,” and this definitely describes her current successful career and all that awaits in years to come.