Nickelodeon cuts JoJo Siwa from KCA guest list

Photo courtesy of Paramount Global, Wikipedia. The Kids' Choice Awards (KCA) has been Nickelodeon's biggest event since 1988. An award show for kids by kids with their favorite stars having the chance to win a classic Nickelodeon orange blimp and maybe even get slimed in the process.  It was no surprise […]

Brands create false personas on social media

Photo courtesy of World's Direction, Flickr. These days, brands are taking a new approach to their social media marketing, coming in the form of creating content that aligns more with Gen Z and millennial humor than it does professional standards. Brands like Duolingo and Lionsgate hop on trendy sounds, boosting their name with millions of […]

SGA invites students to speak out on campus

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo. It’s important for students to recognize the fact that they have a voice in their community, a voice that allows them to be more involved in their community and helps them learn how to become an active citizen. As college students, we are still learning how […]

Student employees’ struggles exceed their wages

Photo courtesy of Amanda Riehl. According to the Urban Institute, during the 2015-2016 school year, “58 percent of full-time students worked either full time or part time while they were enrolled.” Their motivations vary from trying to gain resume experience to paying off student loans. Jordan Meredith, a Ramapo senior and […]