“Destruction AllStars” succeeds with its simplicity

Photo courtesy of Fair Use, Wikipedia


The PlayStation Five is one of the most in-demand objects in recent years, with the Internet going crazy every time supplies are restocked. While there are merits to currently owning one, there is one obvious issue with it; here is a severe lack of console exclusives for the system. With this being a topic of discussion used to deter potential buyers, game studios are doing all they can to rectify this as soon as possible.

The most recent attempt to fix this is Lucid Games’ “Destruction AllStars,” released on Feb. 2. Its hook is a simple one, and its structuring isn’t exactly special, but the game does a good job of being the kind of game you can quickly play with others and have a great time while doing it.

As hinted in the title, the gameplay of “Destruction AllStars” mainly consists of playing through chaotic destruction derbies. Having four modes to play, regardless of which is chose, players will find themselves driving cars around at high speeds and trying to destroy each other. Whether aiming for points based on how hard they smash around, knocking vehicles off of a gradually shrinking platform or gaining points for your team by crashing into others and banking them at checkpoints. time. 

Each of the four modes is simple to understand, yet difficult to master, especially with how much mayhem is typically on-screen. However, the tight controls make everything feel good to play. The DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers render the game more immersive.

Furthermore, the aforementioned mayhem looks gorgeous, with “Destruction AllStars” taking great advantage of the PS5’s graphical capabilities to create one of the more beautiful action-sports games out there. The game also has an endearing art style, which shines through the most in its diverse cast. Sixteen characters are currently playable, each having unique abilities. 

The characters also belong to several different countries and are of distinct ethnicities. To see such a diverse group of characters in a mainstream PS5 game is incredibly heartwarming, and Lucid Games deserves major praise for making this decision. Not only that, but each character feels unique to play, allowing users of any kind to find their comfort character and harness the most out of their time with the game.

However, these great features do come at a price. “Destruction AllStars” is not the most innovative game. At its base, it could be viewed as “Rocket League” mixed with the economic system of “Overwatch.” It uses both of these inspirations well, but not to the point where it can fully set itself apart.

Moreover, the game has a severe lack of music outside of the menus. When one is actually in a match, the only things heard are the revving of engines and cars crashing. This may have been a deliberate choice to keep players focused. As it stands, adding a track or two to gameplay would have made the whole thing much more adrenaline-pumping.

“Destruction AllStars” is a very fun experience that is admittedly not a very original one. It has variety in its gameplay, is fun to play, and has a great cast of characters. However, its lack of true identity and missing features do not make it a game that everyone will love. PlayStation Five owners currently looking for console exclusives will have a great time with this game. In the future though, as more PS5 exclusive games release, “Destruction AllStars” may not have enough merit of its own to stand out in its field.

4/5 stars