Five ways to romanticize your life this summer

Photo courtesy of Gulara Gudratli, Unsplash


Remember “hot girl summer?” This summer, I propose the following mantra: romanticize your life. We’ve gone through too much this past year to not fully indulge in self love this season, and a fun, positive mindset can launch numerous self care endeavours. 

Romanticizing can be defined as talking about something in a way that makes it sound better than it really is, or to believe that something is better than it really is. A good example occurs in “High School Musical 3.” 

Troy and Gabriella share a romantic picnic in her room, and Troy asks if she wants the last strawberry. She declines, but Troy proposes something along the lines of, “What if this is the best strawberry you will ever eat?” I think about that every time I eat strawberries, and it does make them taste better. 

I challenge you to change your mindset. We only have a limited amount of time on this blue dot we call home. So as we get some normalcy back, let’s romanticize our activities and make life feel more exciting. 

Here are just a few safe ways to romanticize your life this summer, with friends and by yourself:

1. Have a themed picnic with some friends

From cottagecore to the 80s, meet up in a park with some pals dressed up in a theme. You can bring card games, good food, a speaker and throw yourselves a mini party! Who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up? Bonus points if you make a TikTok about it and go viral.  

2. Capture the moment all summer; the return of disposable cameras

Disposable cameras are making a comeback, so get your hands on one and document your summer! Have your friends get some too. At the end of the summer, you can get them developed, reminisce over aesthetically pleasing photos and forget for a moment that we’re in a pandemic. This option from Target is under $15.

3. Create a “traveling” scrapbook for you and your friends

Got friends who live far away? Grab a scrapbook or journal and mail it to each other every week, traveling pants style. When it’s your turn, fill it up with photos and any other flat materials, and at the end of the week, send it to the next person! Not only will this actually make you feel like the iconic sisterhood, but it’s also a fun activity that feels more sentimental than Facebook and Instagram. 

4. Finally indulge in your hobbies

Learn that instrument, edit that video, find an activity that makes you feel like you. Sometimes tapping back into your childhood interests can help you rediscover something you love to do. It’s really valuable to have an activity in your life that is not your job or monetized in any way. Spite capitalism by doing something just for pure enjoyment.

5. Move your body to music that lifts your mood

Spend some time curating the perfect playlist that you know will always raise your spirits. Establishing an exercise routine is hard, so if you’re not there yet, use this playlist as an excuse to have a mini personal dance party. It may feel silly, but trust me when I say it’s an instant mood booster. Dance it out. Be the opening montage of “The Lizzie McGuire Movie.”

Hopefully you can use these ideas as a starting point for actively filling your life with activities that make you feel good. Showing yourself some love has never been so crucial. The pandemic has already taken so much away from us, but by taking actions like these, you can foster a positive mindset that will transform your summer (and life)!