Ramapo’s Cahill Center hosts career fair to help students

Ramapo’s Cahill Career Development Center hosted a career and internship fair on last Wednesday for students and alumni in the Bradley Center Auxiliary Gym. 

The Cahill Center provided professional clothes set up on clothing racks from the We Care Program’s Professional Clothing Closet for students who needed it.

“A lot of students are getting opportunities, and that’s what I love about Ramapo,” said Larissa Wade, a junior communication arts major who works as a peer coordinator at Cahill. “We do this every year around this time in March and we have a lot of different employers come around and introduce them to students to find something that really suits their career, and I think that’s the best part of this job, honestly.”

Wade, as a peer coordinator, helps students craft resumes, use VMock — a program designed to help people create resumes — and with career and internship advising. 

“I’m excited because I’m helping out students get a chance to find a job or internship,” said Wade. 

The event started at 11:30 a.m., and each of the represented organizations were able to set up a table, handing out pens and pamphlets while advertising themselves and what they do.

“I think this is really the best opportunity we get for internship or job opportunities,” said Nicolo Caminiti, a sophomore marketing major. “But I think Handshake is a great tool, if you use it correctly, and it’s something that’s more exclusive to just our school.”

Visitors, whether alumni or current Ramapo students, were encouraged to wear business casual attire and bring printed copies of their resumes.

“I think [career fairs are] really important because this is everyone’s future and you never know who you’re going to run into or what conversations you’re gonna have and what opportunities arise from that,” said Caminiti. 

Students were encouraged to visit the Cahill Center before the event to have their resumes approved. 

“I think that [Ramapo has] done a good job of getting us to like the base level of where we need to be,” said Sarah Caldwell, senior visual arts major. “I also think that, you know, there could be some additional help, but [students] also have the option and the extra help if you want to go and get it.”

A career fair is designed to let students and employers meet each other and help prepare students for the job search process.

“A lot of students are scared to take the first step. I know I am scared to take that first step,” said Caldwell. “It definitely makes it easier to be able to go up to people in the future, and future interviews.”

Senior marketing and visual arts double major Megan Mitchell agreed that it’s helpful “especially [for] networking with other companies and like other professionals.”

Caldwell also expressed that she wished there were more options beyond the usual science and business opportunities at the fair.

“We are both visual arts students so we would like it if there was a career fair more along the lines of communications and stuff like that,” said Caldwell.

According to their website, the Cahill Center aspires to provide access to opportunities for all Ramapo students to get jobs and participate in internships. 

“Hosting this event for everyone at our school is really important. This is something that everyone can go to and everyone can benefit from,” said Caminiti.




Featured photo courtesy of Carolyn Herring