It’s hard to think about graduation… and I’m not even a senior yet. I still have two more semesters to figure out how exactly I’m going to make it in the real world. But it’s difficult to imagine what will happen come May, when the majority of the Ramapo News […]

College Textbooks Are Much Too Costly

At least once in a college student's career, a professor will inconsiderately assign a textbook-overlooking cost-and only use or make reference to it once, maybe twice, during the semester. Unfortunately, this has happened or will happen to all of us at some point. Students might complain or become frustrated with […]

What the GOP Can Learn from Chris Christie

Last November, Gov. Chris Christie announced that he will run for a second term. In late December, Newark Mayor Cory Booker announced that he will not run, leaving the Democrats without a strong candidate in this year's gubernatorial election and giving Christie a huge advantage over his likely opponent. On […]

THE WEEKLY GRIND: Visiting Tiger Scouts!

It’s not very often we have visitors in our newsroom, let alone little ones. Heck, we’re not even convinced a majority of our readers know where are offices are located. But no matter. I’m sure you can still understand my excitement when I was approached by a local Cub Scout leader asking […]

National Economic Sequester Has Impacts Close to Home

I was enjoying pasta salad during an alumni networking event on Feb. 28 sponsored by the School of Social Science and Human Services, listening to more than a dozen Ramapo College alumni share their professional experiences and how their Ramapo education prepared them for graduate school and the workplace during […]

Combatting Queer Discrimination

Queer, a term that is often associated with derogatory and belittling sentiments, has been reappropriated to represent all gender and sexual minorities, or gender non-conforming individuals within the gay community. Members who identify as part of this group often take pride in embracing their individuality and sexuality within the heteronormative […]

THE WEEKLY GRIND: Technical Troubles

You may have seen it on our Facebook page or heard it from one of our staff members, but let me once and for all put the rumors to rest. No, we did not have half the staff quit unexpectedly, we aren’t dealing with a multitude of scandalous tabloid cover […]

THE WEEKLY GRIND: Style, Schmyle

It’s safe to say all of us editors at The Ramapo News are pretty nerdy. (Sorry guys.) Some of us geek out over computers and cameras (ahem, Steve), and others are snobs about Adobe software (the designers, of course). As for the rest of us, we’re pretty weird when it […]

Apple Returns to Roots

Apple executives must have been listening to Neil Diamond, because production of Mac computers is “Coming to America.” President Barack Obama even mentioned Apple during his State of the Union because of their move to the United States. It sure sounds like wonderful news. In fact, it’s fantastic. Finally MADE IN […]

College is for Learning, Not Binge Drinking

In college, a hierarchy exists that puts first-year students at the bottom of a methodical food chain. Freshmen, often too eager to enter their first college semester, anticipate the freedom away from their parents. In many cases, in an attempt to assimilate into a new culture and keep from being […]