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We Care Program publicizes resources at open house

The Civic and Community Engagement Center’s (CCEC) We Care Program held its first open house of the year on Nov. 16, showcasing its resources for students in need. Dylan Heffernan, the assistant director for the We Care Program and Community Service, led the presentation alongside social work interns. The We […]

Ramapo responds to LGBTQIA+ youth homelessness crisis

Photo courtesy of Civic & Community Engagement Center During the week of Nov. 15, Ramapo dedicated their time and resources to 2020’s Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (HHAW), a movement set to end hunger and homelessness. Since 1975, the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign Against […]

Impending state elections call for new voters

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons, Wikipedia With the state elections rapidly approaching, the Civic and Community Engagement Center wants to remind everyone to exercise their right to vote!  In November, New Jersey will be having its bi-yearly re-election of the state assembly, and one special election is occurring for the […]

Ramapo aids students in the voter registration process

Photo by Danielle DeAngelis Ramapo’s Civic and Community Engagement Center (CCEC) recruited students with a row of tables and posters on Laurel Hall’s basketball courts. The mission? Getting as many college students on campus to register to vote on National Voter Registration Day, Sept. 24. The voting registration event, annually held by […]

SCOTUS Event Analyzes Adoptive Parents v. Baby Girl Case

Photo by Hope Patti On March 10, the LAWS Convening Group, the Civic and Community Engagement Center and law professor Dennis Ng hosted a SCOTUS discussion on the Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl case, which took place in 2013. The case entailed the conflict over the custody of a child […]

First Spring 2016 SCOTUS Discussion Focuses on Unions

Photo by Pauline Park The first Supreme Court of the United States, also known as SCOTUS, Discussion Series of the semester was held on Monday. The topic was the Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association et. al case, focusing on labor, unions and the First Amendment. The SCOTUS Discussion Series holds […]