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Greff Compiles New Private Scholarship Opportunities

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia As of the Spring 2017 semester, Ramapo’s Financial Aid Office added a “private scholarships not affiliated with Ramapo College” section to its website. This list, compiled by Ryan Greff, Student Government Senator-at-Large, includes 18 new scholarship opportunities available for a variety of students. “These are new […]

New Club Democracy Matters Hosts First Event

Photo by Pauline Park Just as the 2016 presidential election came to a close last week, a new organization called Democracy Matters was approved on Monday to be installed on Ramapo College campus. The club hosted its first event Tuesday evening called, “Who Owns Democracy? Money and Politics In The […]

Money Issues Dissuade Candidates from Running

Photo courtesy of Flickr According to the Pew Research Center, 76 percent of Americans feel money has a greater influence on politics today than before. And 64 percent believe that the high cost of presidential campaigns discourages good candidates. Most striking is that this concern over money in politics is […]

Grad School Not a Practical Option for all Students

Photo by Nicole Williams Generally speaking, the effects of a crumbling economy are that individuals are in need of more money and higher-paying jobs. While salaries are based on a specific candidate’s qualifications for a certain job, qualifications are typically measured by a candidate’s level of education and prior experience […]

Social Media a ‘Valid Career Option’ for Web Celebrities

Photo Courtesy of Jason Howie, Flickr Creative Commons In the last few years, the use of social media has grown immensely thanks to websites like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat and video sites like YouTube and Vine. For most people, these services are used for personal enjoyment, but for others, these […]

Troops Kept in Afghanistan Costing Unnecessary Lives

Photo Courtesy of The U.S. Army, Flickr Creative Commons American troops are being kept in Afghanistan for the sake of other countries, rather than for the sake of their own country. I think that it would be in our country’s best interest if U.S. troops withdrew immediately from the Afghanistan […]