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WRPR’s Halloween concert rocked Friends Hall

Monday night WRPR-FM (90.3) hosted a Halloween rock concert to warm people up for the spooky holiday. Friends Hall was illuminated by rainbow light as the bands Dumpcake, Raccoon Cheesecake and Until Tomorrow performed. Dumpcake started the concert off with a song that showed off the lead singer Matt Demersky’s […]

Pinegrove revives their authentic sound in “Marigold”

Photo courtesy of Matt Home, Flickr The New Jersey-based rock band Pinegrove renewed their alternative country sound on their fourth album “Marigold,” thanks to warmer timbres and up-tempo ballads. “Marigold” sounds similar to Pinegrove’s past three albums, but the band’s murky guitar timbres were replaced with brighter, shimmering tones. Paired […]

Jack White moves into experimental rock in solo album

Photo courtesy of Teresa Sedo, Wikipedia Legendary rocker and indie visionary Jack White released a third solo album titled “Boarding House Reach” that blends rock with hip-hop, blues and spoken word for a unique alternative sound. Up until this record, most of White’s solo releases didn’t stray too far from […]

Dacus dodges sophomore slump in storytelling LP

Photo courtesy of @LucyDacus, Twitter Singer-songwriter, Lucy Dacus, released her second full length LP, "Historian" with 10 tracks following up on 2016’s "No Burden." "Historian" kicks off with “Night Shift," and much like the rest of the songs on the album, it plays out more like a short story than […]

Brandi Carlile finds a way to stand out in country music

Photo courtesy of Kirk Stauffer, Wikipedia Brandi Carlile released her sixth studio album, “By The Way, I Forgive You” last Friday, and it is a smashing success. She is well known for her country-rock sound and for her song “The Story,” which brought Carlile her first breakthrough and initial success […]

MGMT’s fan base is sure to return for their new album

Photo courtesy of Aurelien Guichard, Flickr You might recognize MGMT from their hit songs, “Kids” and “Electric Feel” that topped the charts after being released in 2007. Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Godwasser released “Kids” and “Electric Feel” while they were still undergrads at Wesleyan University and they were even featured […]

Wombats release fun album for genre newcomers

Photo courtesy of E. Birkedal, Wikipedia The Wombats released their fourth album, “Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life” on Friday,  The Wombats are well known for such songs as “Vampires & Wolves,” “Jump into the Fog,” “Let’s Dance to Joy Division,” and “Your Body is a Weapon.” In 2007 and 2011, […]

2016 Music Year in Review

Photo courtesy of Roc Beyonce As 2016 draws to a close, the year leaves many with a bad taste lingering in their mouths. We’ve all lost icons, heroes, friends and family in the wake of mindless violence, unfortunate events and injustice; it feels like it will be quite some time […]