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President Mercer Supports SGA Definition of Sanctuary

Photo by Michael Pacheco In light of the recent campus controversy over “sanctuary campus” status, President Peter Mercer gave his full support to the principles put forward by the Student Government Association’s legislation titled “Principles Related to Immigration and Undocumented Students at Ramapo.” This support was noted in President’s Post […]

Ramapo College Should Declare Campus a Sanctuary

Photo courtesy of Aboxorocks, Wikipedia Many colleges around the nation are debating over the prospect of offering sanctuary to students without legal immigration papers due to President Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric about illegal immigrants. According to the New York Times, Wesleyan University was one of the first to declare “sanctuary […]

Funds Prevent Colleges from Becoming Sanctuaries

Photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Flickr Since Donald J. Trump’s ascension to the presidency, there has been a concerted effort carried out by students, activists, faculty members, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program benefactors and undocumented immigrants to inhibit and challenge the President’s program of deportation. From the inception of […]

State of the College Addresses Sensitive Issues

Photo by Hope Patti President Mercer delivered his State of the College address on Wednesday in Friends Hall, discussing everything from campus safety to sanctuary campuses to labor concerns. Present at the address were members of the American Federation of Teachers who raised concerns about inequality being perpetuated between administration […]