Provost Stefan Becker resigns from his position at Ramapo

Photo courtesy of Ramapo College, Flickr

President Mercer announced in an email to all Ramapo students and faculty this Monday, Feb. 10 that Dr. Stefan Becker would be resigning from his position as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The resignation became effective once the announcement went live. Taking Dr. Becker’s position will be Dr. Susan Gaulden, who was formerly the Vice Provost for Academic Programs. 

“[Dr. Gaulden’s] collaborative leadership style, commitment to our mission, and strategic thinking will help to advance Ramapo’s current highest academic priorities,” President Mercer stated. 

The provost’s job at Ramapo is to oversee all of the academic programs and to provide ideas for change. They also assist the president when it is necessary.

"I am humbled to begin working as the Interim Provost and look forward to establishing a collaborative, productive relationship with the entire faculty body, students, and staff," Dr. Gaulden said in an email to faculty on Wednesday.

Dr. Stefan Becker was Ramapo’s provost since July 2018. During his time at Ramapo, Becker made significant changes to Ramapo’s academia. For example, more graduate programs and online programs were added, and the international student experience was improved. He was also the lead force of attaching credits to international excursions such as alternative spring breaks and summer study abroad trips.

“No doubt, there is more than enough intelligence, experience, and knowledge at Ramapo College for us to be successful,” Dr. Stefan Becker stated in a presentation at the December 2018 faculty assembly. “However, only if we collaborate and support each other’s success will we be able to tap into our full potential.”

Dr. Gaulden’s notable accreditation experience with Middle States proves confidence for Ramapo’s re-accreditation visit occurring later this month. She will be assisted by co-chairs Dr. David Nast and Dr. Stephanie Sarabia during this process.

“Since Dr. Gaulden came to Ramapo College in July, we have worked closely with her on the Ramapo College Self-Study: Reaffirming Our Promise,” Dr. Sarabia said. “She has brought a wealth of experience interacting with Middle States and we look forward to continuing to work together for a successful peer review from the Middle States visiting team where we can showcase the many amazing things we are doing here at Ramapo and learn from the team's expertise.”

The provost’s resignation was a shock to many students, and while an interim provost has been appointed, there was some concern over how the future search for a provost will be conducted.

“I think that students should be involved in the search for the new provost,” said Natalie Tsur, a sophomore journalism major. “The school would function better if students had a say in it.”

However, President Mercer ended Monday’s informational note by observing positive news about Ramapo’s expected future plans.

“The College will continue to launch new academic programs including the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Data Science, as well as the Doctorate, Nurse Practitioner,” President Mercer stated. “Dr. Gaulden will also guide us forward with the continued transition from Moodle to Canvas as our Learning Management System.”