Tag: Disability Awareness Month

Silent Disco, a new and accessible way to party

Photo courtesy of Kristina Hollosi. A silent disco was hosted in celebration of Disability Awareness Month on Friday, Oct. 8. It was a program hosted by the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Compliance (EDIC), co-sponsored by the Office of Specialized Services, led by Associate Director of EDIC Rachel Sawyer. […]

Students share experiences with autism via Zoom

Photo courtesy of MissLunaRose12, Wikipedia To honor Disability Awareness Month, Ramapo College held a panel on Oct. 21 where four students spoke about their experiences with autism. The event was hosted by Suzanne Calgi, the coordinator of the ENHANCE program that supports students on the spectrum. Once Collin Schumacher, Dylan Klain […]

Ramapo hosts panel to bring mental health awareness

Photo by Esther Gonzales In celebration of Diversity Day and Disability Awareness Month Ramapo hosted a panel led by Ramona Kopacz, a Learning Disabilities Specialist.  Four students, Daniel Gurniad, Julian Wechsler, Breeanna Douglas, and Kaitlin Spreen, gathered to share their personal stories and raise awareness to help break down the […]

Ramapo kicks off month of education for October

Photo by Erica Meline For most people, October is a month that they associate with spooky goblins and ghouls, or pumpkin spiced drinks and dishes. At Ramapo College, however, the month of October is a time to celebrate diversity and acceptance. The College, therefore, took the first of October to […]

Keynote speaker Barrett shares poems and experiences

Photo by Erica Meline October marked the celebration of Queer and Trans History Month, Disability Awareness Month and Filipino American History Month. To signify the month’s ending, the Women’s Center invited Kay Ulanday Barrett as the Keynote Speaker to speak on behalf of all three communities this past Wednesday. According […]

Students discuss experiences with invisible disabilities

Photo courtesy of Project Eye-To-Eye, Wikipedia The Women’s Center held a discussion panel on invisible disabilities on Wednesday. The panel was made up of four Ramapo College students who were willing to share their personal experiences with invisible disabilities in order to raise awareness, educate and advocate for those with […]