SGA invites students to speak out on campus

Photo courtesy of Celine Panis-Pardo.

It’s important for students to recognize the fact that they have a voice in their community, a voice that allows them to be more involved in their community and helps them learn how to become an active citizen. As college students, we are still learning how to be independent but being involved in the community helps us realize that sometimes we need to work together to achieve our goals.

Becoming involved in things like the Student Government Association (SGA) and attending school board meetings helps students learn about their campus community. It also allows them to have a say in campus policies and understand what’s going on behind the scenes. 

The purpose of SGA is to work with the students of Ramapo College to make student life better and help the voices of the student body get heard. 

As described by Avery Cangro, SGA Chief-of-Staff, SGA is “trying our best to make a difference within our school community.” Cangro emphasized that “[SGA does their] best to listen to students, and our own peers' concerns to try to make a positive outlook for the school.”

“If students feel strongly about a specific topic regarding a policy, it's important they voice their concern or support towards the subject,” Cangro says. If students aren’t voicing their opinions and suggestions for change, nothing is going to improve. 

A lot of college students don't feel the need to get involved on campus because they are in the mindset that change isn't even an option, so there's seemingly no point in trying. But this isn't true and there's definitely room for improvement on college campuses. 

Ramapo College's Civic and Community Engagement Center website reminds us that “if our local communities are to thrive, if our nation and the global community are to flourish, we must reclaim our identity as citizens.” 

Becoming involved on campus is a great way for students to practice becoming involved in their community. It’s an opportunity to change the way that the school functions and make this campus best suited for its students.