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Scene Queen lauds sexual liberation in new EP

Scene Queen has established herself on the internet as her songs “Pink Rover” and “Pink Panther” have found fame as popular sounds on TikTok. Now, Scene Queen has dropped another extended play (EP) called “BIMBOCORE, VOL. 2” on Nov. 10. It includes seven tracks that make you want to have […]

Petite League’s sixth album scores a home run

Petite League is a New York-based alternative indie band that, according to their website, originated in their house-venue called “Scarier Dome” in Syracuse, NY. There, the group hosted shows, started a screen printing business and learned what goes into being a self-made band. Lorenzo Gillis Cook is the front man, […]

Charlie Puth wobbles in new album

After four years full of singles and TikTok videos, pop singer-songwriter Charlie Puth released his third album “CHARLIE” on Friday, Oct. 7. The album shows off his creativity and music production skills, but lyrically it lacks the depth that would make it truly shine. Since the start of his career, […]

Djo matures in new album “DECIDE”

Coming back strong with his sophomore album “DECIDE,” Djo also known as Joe Keery, proves just how strong of an artist he really is by producing a heartfelt and stunning piece that symbolizes an end to his youth and what the next chapter of life will bring him. The album […]


Whether or not you consider yourself a BLINK, BLACKPINK’s new album “BORNPINK” offers something for anyone in need of a boost of confidence. BLACKPINK is a K-pop girl group made up of four members: Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé. Their debut was in 2016 and they only have a few […]

Rina Sawayama offers free therapy in new album

Japanese-British modern pop icon, Rina Sawayama, released her second studio album, “Hold the Girl,” on Friday, Sept. 16. Famous for her fresh take on the genre, Sawayama continues to revitalize pop with her incorporation of atypical instruments and cutting lyricism. Sawayama has opened up about the personal inspiration behind “Hold […]

Orville Peck blends country music in emotional new album

Photo courtesy of Alfred Marroquin, Wikipedia. Self-described “outlaw country” artist Orville Peck released his complete second album, “Bronco,” on April 8. This album is the perfect successor to Peck’s 2019 album, “Pony,” which is comparatively hushed and reserved while “Bronco” is confident and upbeat. Peck is a Canadian artist who began […]