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Sora flies in as final new Smash Bros Ultimate fighter

Photo courtesy of AntMan3001, Flickr. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” has been one of the most popular video games of this generation, in part due to the additions of new fighters thanks to the game’s downloadable content. Adding onto the initial list of 69 playable characters, 13 additional fighters were added to […]

Nintendo set to remove Super Mario game collection

Photo courtesy of Ryan Quintal, Unsplash Last year marked the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario video game franchise, a series of games that popularized and helped shape modern gaming as we know it. In celebration, Nintendo did several big stunts, including partnering with the shoe company Vans to make […]

Minecraft builds onto Super Smash Brothers with new DLC

Photo courtesy of AntMan3001, Flickr Whenever a new “Super Smash Brothers” character is revealed, the internet seems to explode. The morning of Oct. 1 was no exception. After a Nintendo Direct presentation announcing the newest “Super Smash Brothers Ultimate” DLC fighters Steve and Alex from Minecraft was posted, Twitter temporarily […]

Three 3D Mario games are available for the Nintendo Switch

Photo courtesy of Aren'tYouAlex-Spencer?, Flickr “Super Mario 3D All-Stars” is a collection of three, 3D Mario video games upgraded for the Nintendo Switch. These games include the classic “Super Mario 64,” the tropical “Super Mario Sunshine,” and the out of this world “Super Mario Galaxy.” The release of the collection […]